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        BELT COLOURS - black, red and yellow


        This belt was a childhood gift from an elderly neighbour when I lived in Thatcham,Berkshire during the 1970抯. I thought he told me it was Berkshire Yeomanry but the version shown on the website has a blue outer stripe rather than black. I believe the belt dates from the 1950抯-60抯 period when he served. The Berkshire Yeomanry Museum date it from the early 1960抯 and that the Blue/Black outer stripe changed to the Lighter Blue during the 1970抯

        With thanks to Lee Edwards

        The stable belt worn in this period could be described as the outer blue band being a very dark blue almost black in some light. Due to what was frankly an error in ordering in the 1970s it is now more a royal blue.

        With thanks to Andrew French, Berks Yeomanry Museum

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