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      1. To our knowledge, the Cameronians did not wear stable belts, but if they did, the tartan would have been Douglas Tartan.

        With Thanks to Kerry Patterson, Assistant Museums Officer, South Lanarkshire Council, 116 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, ML3 6HP

      2. The Cameronians had a stable belt, and it is a Douglas Tartan, I have one in my possession which was given to me by an ex-Cameronian

        With thanks to Graham Lewcock

      3. During a tour of Northern Ireland in the late 1970s I was given a Cameronians Stable Belt (Douglas tartan and looking as if it was made up by a regimental tailor - from memory it had single, black leather chape and buckle, which was unusual) by an ex member of the regiment who had married and settled in the province having finished his time in another Scottish regiment.

        With thanks to Bob Bennett

        The Cameronians as such did not wear stable belts. However, the officers were known to wear them when in Aden.

        With thanks to David Thompson

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