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        Stephen Mitchell & Son

        FROM TOP LEFT - Royal Flying Corps
        1st Life Guards
        1st(King抯)Dragoon Guards
        2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Guards)
        12th (Prince of Wales抯 Royal) Lancers

        FROM BOTTOM LEFT - Royal Regiment of Artillery
        Corps of Royal Engineers
        Coldstream & Scots Guards
        Irish & Welsh Guards
        The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)

        FROM TOP LEFT - The Queen抯 (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
        The King抯 Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
        The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
        The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
        The Lancashire Fusiliers

        FROM BOTTOM LEFT - The South Wales Borderers
        The King抯 Own Scottish Borderers
        The Gloucestershire Regiment
        The Welsh Regiment
        The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

        FROM LEFT - The Highland Light Infantry
        The Gordon Highlanders
        The Connaught Rangers
        The Royal Munster Fusiliers
        The Army Service Corps

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