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        BELT COLOURS - navy blue, Austrian grey and dark green (Lincoln green)


        The stable belt depicted for the 68th, Squadron, Inns of Court and City Yeomanry appears to be wrong.

        Whilst the colours are correct, the colour order seems to be reversed. Others have remarked from time to time, that the Blue band in a Signal抯 stable belt is usually uppermost, representing the sky, but this is not correct for the 68th.

        The order from top to bottom should be Lincoln Green, Austrian Grey, Navy Blue.

        The strange thing is that for some unknown reason, the Squadron have received stable belts from source that have been the wrong way around, and it is sometimes possible to see two of them being worn, with the green at the top, but fastening in opposite directions! Indeed, the photo of the stable belt on the ICCY Association site (shop) is not only reversed , but is also shown upside down, so that does not help matters!

        It is not very helpful when people just complain without bothering to try to remedy the situation. Therefore, I have taken a photograph of my old stable belt, which I hope is of a good enough quality for your site.

        My correct one was made by Hobson & Sons (London) Ltd.

        Simon Taylor, (Ex) 68th. Signals Squadron

        This information applies to last three images -

        'The middle one is from Hobson抯. Lincoln green should be uppermost?P>Images with thanks to Simon Taylor, (Ex) 68th. Signals Squadron

        BELT COLOURS - navy blue, Austrian grey and dark green (Lincoln green)

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