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        BELT COLOURS - red, pearl grey and black.

        This belt belonged to me, I used it and wore it whilst a driver in the MT section of the 4/5 Battalion Royal Leicestershire Regiment TA from 1964-68. It was not issued to everyone and I cannot remember how I got it but I was C.O.s driver so I assume it was issued to me for that use.

        With thanks to Derek J Pinchess

        Stable belt - The new officers stable belt in regimental colours is optional and costs 14/6d. at Messers Conway Williams. It is for wear in shirt sleeve order or KD when not on parade with troops

        The Green Tiger - Autumn 1955, the Royal Leicestershire Regiment Journal

        The Red denotes Royal, the Pearl Grey, the Battle of Princeton and the Black commemorates the death of Gen Wolfe, it is claimed that six subalterns carried his coffin, however they are not the only regiment to make this claim

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