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        Belt colours - red, white and navy blue

        QARANC - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps

        Comparison of female belt 5.2cms in width against wider belt of 6.2 cms

        Belt colours - dark green and grey

        Worn by members of the Queen Alexandra's Nursing Corps
        serving with the Royal Army Dental Corps

        With thanks to Alan Woolley

        Worn by Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
        Registered Nurse/Registered Mental Nurse

        With thanks to Alan Woolley

        Belt Colour - red

        Belt colour - red and grey

        (ABOVE) Enrolled Nurse QARANC

        (BELOW) Queen Alexandra抯 Royal Army Nursing Corps
        (Health Care Assistant/Ward Stewardess)

        (BELOW) QARANC buckle with a Royal Corps of Transport stable belt

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