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        For my old regiment, the KRRC, our stable belt was rather thinner than most, was a green colour just paler than "rifle green", with two thin red stripes, equi-distant and parallel to the ground. It had black leather straps and a silver buckle. The 43rd and 52nd was a "rifle green" stable belt with two diagnonal black leather strips on it, it was wider than that of the 60th, and had a silver slide to adjust length, and black straps with silver buckles. The Rifle Brigade's was "rifle green", with a black strip in the middle, not as thin as the two red stripe of the 60th but thinner than the top and bottom rifle green parts. It had a silver slide to adjust the length (the 60th's belt did not have a similar slide) and it had black leather straps and silver buckles.

        With thanks to Colonel I.H. McCausland, Regimental Museum Archives, The Royal Green Jackets

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