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        I was a member of 7 Para RHA and spent 23 years in the Army. When I joined 7 Para RHa way back in 1986, each Battery had their own stable belt.

        F Bty抯 as you rightly say in your web page had maroon in and also yellow. Hence why the Battery is also named as the 揧ellow Dog?

        G Bty抯 had a red and blue stable belt.

        I Bty had a maroon and grey stable belt - there probably was another colour added, but I can抰 remember now.

        H Bty had the blue and yellow stable belt.

        All of the stable belts had dark leather buckles and straps attached to the left hand side of the belt, though some wearers did go for the buckle version with the Pegasus on, though this was rare as we were quite strict.

        I can抰 remember when, but sometime in the 90抯 a decision was made to get rid of all the Battery stable belts and just have one for the RHA. It turned out to the Blue/Yellow version.

        I always preferred my F Battery stable belt and sadly it was lost in the mist of time.

        With thanks to Alex, Ex F (Sphinx) Parachute Battery soldier

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