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        BELT COLOURS - dark green and black


        As far as I know it was authorized for wear after St Patricks Day, 2011, the buckle is similar to the cap badge, the winged harp is surrounded by a shamrock wreath meeting at the top through the St Edward crown, it differs from the capbadge in that in the buckle, there is a shamrock wreath and the crown is not attached of the harp.

        I'm not sure of the correct name for the shade of green, but it is flanked by thin black stripes at the edges.

        With thanks to Jay Neil

        Stable belt - RIFLE Green with 2 thin horizontal black bands at top and bottom of belt with silver buckle worn facing to the front. On the belt clasp is the Regimental badge surrounded by laurel leaves. On amalgamation in 1992, the stable belt colours were Pillar box red for the Infantry, Brunswick green for Irish and oxford blue for royal. O n 2011, the design was changed to RIFLES green with black bands.

        Regimental Dress Regulations

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