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        BELT COLOURS - rifle green


        100% fact 1st. BN Somerset and Cornwall's Light Infantry's stable belt was Rifle Green, i.e. Dark Green to the man in the street. The fasteners were black leather type (no other colours except Rifle Green). I/S.C.L.I. was formed in Oct 1959 from the 1st.BN.Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry and Ist.BN. Somerset Light Infantry amalgamation due to defence cuts.

        Sadly it was disbanded in July 1968 due to further defense cuts (historically the Regiment existed as S,C,L,I, for less than 9 years). Bob Bogan B.E.M. M.S.M.

        Ex. 2 D.L.I-- 1 K.S.L.I-- 1 D.C.L.I.

        With thanks to Nick Lester

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